He is a beautiful gentle boy. Hatchi is only 8 month old. His family could no longer keep him. He requires lots of love and attention. He will be an amazing companion! Hurry up he will not be available for too long! ADOPTED!!




Blue is only 5 month old. She is very sweet and gentle and a little bit shy. She loves to play and will fetch non stop. She is a puppy and has lots of energy. Blue will a great addition to any family. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. Please consider opening your heart and home to this special girl. She is a Pitt Bull and like most pitties, she is extremely gentle.  ADOPTED!!

IMG_7266 IMG_7276


 Ipon and Marliepon and marliThey are brothers, around 5 years old, the light one is Marli and the dark one is Ipon. Marli is more outgoing, Ipon is shy. They love each other and cannot be separated. Ipon saved his owners life and protected him just when he was about to be assalted. Both brothers saved him a second time, when a fire started in their home, the house was lost but nobody got hurt because of these 2 amazing dogs. The house was destroyed in the fire, and the owner relocated to an apartment that did not allow pets.  They deserve a home!!!! They are extremely loyal and will protect you with their life. They need time to get used to a new owner, they need a person with love and patience. They are very smart and extremely well behaved. Can you open you heart and home for them? ADOPTED!!


 If you are interested in any of our beautiful dogs, please complete the Adoption Application on this website and send it to us asap! All of us at the kennel including the greyhounds cannot wait to meet you.